How to read the genealogy narratives on this site.

Each person has a narrative that provides a history of his/her life. Immediately below the person's name is a "Popup Pedigree". Clicking here will display a 3-generation ancestor chart which can be used to navigate to one of that persons parents or grandparents.

Below the name is a list of charts that person appears in, if any.

This is followed by the person's narrative. Underlined text indicates links that will take you to the section of the site that provides more information about that person or place. Superscript numbers refer to the citations shown in footnotes at the end of the person's section.

Each child in a family is then listed with their birth/death dates (if known). A + sign after a person's name indicates that person had children that are listed in a more detailed discussion that can be reached by clicking on that person's name. (see John & Jennet in the example below).


Children of Sarah Hope and Thomas Scott


  •   John Scott Jr.+ b. 1 Nov 1764, d. 8 Mar 1824

  •   Jennet Scott b. 13 Apr 1766, d. 29 Dec 1830
  •       .


    1. [S299] Jacob Martin, Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania 1766-1778: Based on the Abstracts of Jacob Martin, 105.
    2. [S26] John P. Wallace, Genealogy of the Parke Family, 34.

    These source citations generally use a short footnote format, and a more detailed source description may be seen by clicking on the source number enclosed in square brackets.



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